Cyber Schools Ireland

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This event is part-funded through the SFI Discover Programme.


Security Challenge

The annual Irish Cyber-Schools Security Challenge organised by Zero Days Security, aims to highlight the cyber-security industry as an exciting and accessible career pathway. The focus of the event is on fun and inclusiveness and we encourage everyone to come and experience this unique and challenging opportunity.

You don't need to be a leet hacker to take part and enjoy the day, as the event will cater for all skill levels. So if you already enjoy, or you would like to try, any of the activities listed below then the Irish Cyber-Schools Security Challenge is for you.

  • Solving Challenges, Coming up with creative solutions
  • Lock Picking, Puzzles, Quizzes , Escape Rooms
  • Scripting / Coding
  • Web hacking, Security, Bug Bounties,
  • or you just like having fun and trying new things

Students will compete in teams (Max 4 students per team) to try solve over 30 cyber-security related challenges, with plenty of tasks and activities to keep teams of all abilities entertained on the day. So why not convince some friends to form a team and sign up today. All teams/schools that register will be offered a mentor to help them prepare and train for their first Capture the Flag (CTF) Cyber-Schools challenge.

Timeline of Events

Entries Open

Saturday, March 23rd 2024

Online entries open for our first annual Cyber-Schools Security Challenge.

Enter your team today


Feb - March 2024

Teams who want, will be offered mentoring and access to online training challenges for their team.

Cyber-Schools Event

23rd March 2024 ( Croke Park, Dublin)

Day of the event. Teams will complete to solve challenges and become the first Irish cyber-Schools Winners.

ECSC Qualifiers

June 2024

Individuals who do perform well during the Cyber-Schools event will be invited to try out for the Irish team for the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC)

ECSC Finals

October 2024

Irish Team will compete at the ECSC in Norway

Challenge Topics

Teams will have over 30 security related challenges to try and solve on the day. Successfully completing a challenge earns the team points, and the team finishing with the most points will be the winners.

Challenges will each be of varying difficulty and spread across several categories. To help teams prepare we've included the main challenge categories.


Can your team find the answers to our Computing/Security/Hacker based trivia questions?

Puzzles & Logic

Good team work and communication required to try figure out our logic puzzles and games.


Can you write some short scripts to help you automate your attack? or understand our code enough to exploit it?


Find the stuff that's meant to be hidden or deleted. Look deeper to find the clues.

Web Apps

Who doesn't like a good Website to try hack and login to.

Crypto & Ciphers

Can you decrypt our secret messages? From classic ciphers to latest state of the art cryptography we want you to break it all.


Challenges to get your team up out of their seats. Games, lock picking, treasure hunts and anything else we come up with.


Can you use the clues, reconnaissance, images and social media accounts to find the details needed?

Pot Luck

A random mix and combination of everything that doesn't fit nicely into any of the other categories.