Weekly CTF Challenge – Are you Batman?

So last week we presented our first challenge, thanks to everyone who submitted write-ups and you can check out Leo Mulvany's submission for last weeks challenge. A nice bottle of wine on the way to Leo for his efforts. We had hoped to post a new challenge every Friday so we're a little late this week,too busy announcing [...]

Kneel before Zod!

So last week we posted our first weekly challenge, A forensic challenge from our Zero Days CTF from a couple of years ago. Thanks to everyone for their submissions and solutions. We've decided to share the submission sent in to us by Leo Mulvany. Well done Leo. So hopefully everyone managed to solve the challenge yourself but let's have [...]

Weekly CTF Practice Challenges

We know that there are a few months before everyone gets to play their next onsite CTF, and some of you might be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. We feel your pain and we're here to help! For the next few weeks we're going to be introducing some practice challenges for everyone to play with. We're inviting people to [...]

Cyber Security Challenge

Today's the day; the online qualifier for the European Cyber Security Challenge goes live at 1pm. Head over to or from 1pm today. We have a mix of challenges, from very easy to difficult, to try judge what level people are at. Note that challenges will be added over the weekend to keep you busy. [...]

European Cyber Security Challenge

Details of the qualifying rounds for Ireland's team for the European Cyber Security Challenge have been confirmed. The first round is an online qualifier which will be hosted by ZeroDays Security. This will be open from Friday 9th August until Sunday 11th August. Anyone who does well in the online round will be invited to take part in the [...]

Video: ZeroDays CTF 2019

Thanks to all of our sponsors, competitors, supporters and venue for making it a day to remember. We're already making plans for ZD2020! Video produced and directed by: Conor Diggin (Instagram : directedby.konroux) Bobby Zithelo (instagram: _zithelo)

Practical Pentest Labs: ZeroDays CTF Bronze Sponsors

We are delighted to once again welcome Practical Pentest Labs as Bronze level sponsors for this year's ZeroDays CTF on April 5th. Take your Hacking skills to the next level. With a wide range of vulnerable-by-design hosts that are constantly updated to keep your skills current, Practical Pentest Labs' virtual labs are geared towards everyone interested in learning the art of [...]

TU Dublin: Academic Partner, ZeroDays

We are delighted and excited to announce Technological University Dublin as Academic Partner of ZeroDays CTF. The Department of Informatics, TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus, has partnered with our CTF since the beginning of the event in 2015. Daniel McSweeney, Head of Department, announced the news "The Department of Informatics, TU Dublin – Blanchardstown Campus is pleased [...]

TU Dublin Hacker Soc CTF This Friday

TU Dublin's Hacker Soc will host their annual CTF this Friday, 1st March. This a great inter-varsity event, and individual CTF. It's only €5 to enter and all proceeds go to supporting the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. The event takes place in C-Block in TU Dublin's Blanchardstown campus (formerly ITB). The event runs from 10am-6pm, and if followed by [...]