Edgescan: ZeroDays CTF Platinum Sponsors

Edgescan: ZeroDays CTF Platinum Sponsors

Quite simply, ZeroDays CTF couldn’t run in it’s current format, without the support of our sponsors. Edgescan have been been hugely supportive over the past few years and we are delighted to welcome them back as Platinum level sponsors.

Rahim Jina, co-founder and COO of Edgescan confirmed their committment to nurturing cyber security talent “Zerodays has fast become the premier technical security educational and fun event of the year in Ireland. The entire team here at Edgescan, are delighted to continue our support and sponsorship for Zerodays. With Dublin becoming a security centre of excellence for Europe, events such as these are key to driving education through openness and inclusiveness. It is always great to see the wide range of participants, from the experienced, to novice, to the curious. A great event to learn, have fun and network!”

“edgescan Fullstack Vulnerability Management™ helps companies to get the most from their vulnerability scanning and management requirements. edgescan provides unparalleled vulnerability detection & continuous system visibility.

Fullstack Security is an important aspect of DevSecOps covering not only the web application layer but also the supporting host and infrastructure layers. Coupled with continuous asset profiling and validation edgescan’s full-stack approach to vulnerability scanning and management is disruptive to the traditional approach of using expensive consultants and dumb vulnerability scanner tools.


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