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Integrity360: ZeroDays CTF Platinum Sponsors

We are delighted to welcome back Integrity360 as Platinum level sponsors. Integrity360 have partnered with us from the beginning, and provided fantastic support in that time. "As one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity specialists in the UK & Ireland, we help our clients to proactively understand and protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape by offering them truly global [...]

Edgescan: ZeroDays CTF Platinum Sponsors

Quite simply, ZeroDays CTF couldn't run in it's current format, without the support of our sponsors. Edgescan have been been hugely supportive over the past few years and we are delighted to welcome them back as Platinum level sponsors. Rahim Jina, co-founder and COO of Edgescan confirmed their committment to nurturing cyber security talent “Zerodays has fast become [...]

Horror Theme: event playlist

So with this year's event having a theme of 'horror', I've decided to create a Spotify playlist, which I'll be adding to over the coming weeks. Might even be a clue in there mwahahahaFeel free to suggest additions (quality control filters apply)...

Our New Venue: Twenty Two

We have an amazing new venue for ZeroDays CTF 2019, the stunning Twenty Two on South Anne Street in Dublin. Part of our mission from the start was to have a cool space for our events, and to avoid the sterile hotel ballrooms. Twenty Two allows us to (hopefully) seamlessly segue from the main event to the after-party, details [...]

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ZeroDays CTF 2019!

So, the big news is that the fifth ZeroDays CTF will take place on Friday 5th April 2019. We're excited to announce an amazing new venue, Twenty Two Dublin. The theme is Horror, so get planning those costumes! More details to follow. Please contact us for sponsorship and partnership details.