Monthly Archives - March 2019

Practical Pentest Labs: ZeroDays CTF Bronze Sponsors

We are delighted to once again welcome Practical Pentest Labs as Bronze level sponsors for this year's ZeroDays CTF on April 5th. Take your Hacking skills to the next level. With a wide range of vulnerable-by-design hosts that are constantly updated to keep your skills current, Practical Pentest Labs' virtual labs are geared towards everyone interested in learning the art of [...]

TU Dublin: Academic Partner, ZeroDays

We are delighted and excited to announce Technological University Dublin as Academic Partner of ZeroDays CTF. The Department of Informatics, TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus, has partnered with our CTF since the beginning of the event in 2015. Daniel McSweeney, Head of Department, announced the news "The Department of Informatics, TU Dublin – Blanchardstown Campus is pleased [...]